Balewadi, Tal Atpadi, Dist Sangali,Maharashtra,India

Balewadi is a Village 15 Km from Taluka place and 55 Km from District as well as 275 KM From Pune & 420 Km From Mumbai.Nearest Railway station is Miraj  65 Km.Nearest post office is Banpuri. Nearest Police Station is Kargani Police Station. Villagers mainely depend on Agriculture & there Cattles.This is the main business of villagers as well as Milk-Dairy, to keep Domestic animals.

Population of this village is around 1200 people, having 7 members Grampanchyat administration.

ZP School Balewadi: 1st to 7 th Class available in this School.
Highschool:  Shri Siddhnath Vidyalay Kharsundi.

Nearest School and Colleges:

1] Shri Siddhnath Highschool and  Junier College, Kharsundi
2] Shri Ram Highschool and  Junier College, Kargani.
3] Atpadi College Atapdi. (Shivaji University,Kolhapur)
4] Industrial Training Institute, Atpadi (ITI college)
5] Agricultur and D.ed - B.ed Colleges, atpadi  (affiliate to Shivaji University,Kolhapur)

Nearest Banks :

2] Bank Of India, Kharsundi
3] Bank Of India, Atpadi
4]Bank Of India , Zare.
5] Bank OF Maharashtra, Atpadi

Hospitals Near Balewadi:

1] Pratmik Arogya Kendra, Kharsundi
2] Pratmik Arogya Kendra, Kargani
3] Some private hospitals in Kharsundi and kargani.